Image Title Text
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Apple Apple :emoji_apple:
Avocado Avocado :emoji_avocado:
Baby Bottle Baby Bottle :emoji_baby_bottle:
Bacon Bacon :emoji_bacon:
Banana Banana :emoji_banana:
Beer Beer :emoji_beer:
Beers Beers :emoji_beers:
Bento Bento :emoji_bento:
Birthday Birthday :emoji_birthday:
Bread Bread :emoji_bread:
Burrito Burrito :emoji_burrito:
Cake Cake :emoji_cake:
Candy Candy :emoji_candy:
Carrot Carrot :emoji_carrot:
Champagne Champagne :emoji_champagne:
Champagne Glass Champagne Glass :emoji_champagne_glass:
Cheese Cheese :emoji_cheese:
Cherries Cherries :emoji_cherries:
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar :emoji_chocolate_bar:
Cocktail Cocktail :emoji_cocktail:
Coffee Coffee :emoji_coffee:
Cookie Cookie :emoji_cookie:
Cooking Cooking :emoji_cooking:
Corn Corn :emoji_corn:
Croissant Croissant :emoji_croissant:
Cucumber Cucumber :emoji_cucumber:
Curry Curry :emoji_curry:
Custard Custard :emoji_custard:
Dango Dango :emoji_dango:
Doughnut Doughnut :emoji_doughnut:
Egg Egg :emoji_egg:
Eggplant Eggplant :emoji_eggplant:
Fish Cake Fish Cake :emoji_fish_cake:
Fork And_knife Fork And_knife :emoji_fork_and_knife:
Fork Knife_plate Fork Knife_plate :emoji_fork_knife_plate:
French Bread French Bread :emoji_french_bread:
Fried Shrimp Fried Shrimp :emoji_fried_shrimp:
Fries Fries :emoji_fries:
Grapes Grapes :emoji_grapes:
Green Apple Green Apple :emoji_green_apple:
Hamburger Hamburger :emoji_hamburger:
Honey Pot Honey Pot :emoji_honey_pot:
Hot Pepper Hot Pepper :emoji_hot_pepper:
Hotdog Hotdog :emoji_hotdog:
Ice Cream Ice Cream :emoji_ice_cream:
Icecream Icecream :emoji_icecream:
Kiwi Kiwi :emoji_kiwi:
Lemon Lemon :emoji_lemon:
Lollipop Lollipop :emoji_lollipop:
Meat On_bone Meat On_bone :emoji_meat_on_bone:
Melon Melon :emoji_melon:
Milk Milk :emoji_milk:
Oden Oden :emoji_oden:
Pancakes Pancakes :emoji_pancakes:
Peach Peach :emoji_peach:
Peanuts Peanuts :emoji_peanuts:
Pear Pear :emoji_pear:
Pineapple Pineapple :emoji_pineapple:
Pizza Pizza :emoji_pizza:
Popcorn Popcorn :emoji_popcorn:
Potato Potato :emoji_potato:
Poultry Leg Poultry Leg :emoji_poultry_leg:
Ramen Ramen :emoji_ramen:
Rice Rice :emoji_rice:
Rice Ball Rice Ball :emoji_rice_ball:
Rice Cracker Rice Cracker :emoji_rice_cracker:
Sake Sake :emoji_sake:
Salad Salad :emoji_salad:
Shallow Pan_of_food Shallow Pan_of_food :emoji_shallow_pan_of_food:
Shaved Ice Shaved Ice :emoji_shaved_ice:
Spaghetti Spaghetti :emoji_spaghetti:
Spoon Spoon :emoji_spoon:
Stew Stew :emoji_stew:
Strawberry Strawberry :emoji_strawberry:
Stuffed Flatbread Stuffed Flatbread :emoji_stuffed_flatbread:
Sushi Sushi :emoji_sushi:
Sweet Potato Sweet Potato :emoji_sweet_potato:
Taco Taco :emoji_taco:
Tangerine Tangerine :emoji_tangerine:
Tea Tea :emoji_tea:
Tomato Tomato :emoji_tomato:
Tropical Drink Tropical Drink :emoji_tropical_drink:
Tumbler Glass Tumbler Glass :emoji_tumbler_glass:
Watermelon Watermelon :emoji_watermelon:
Wine Glass Wine Glass :emoji_wine_glass:
Crossed Swords Crossed Swords :emoji_crossed_swords:
Crystal Ball Crystal Ball :emoji_crystal_ball:
Dagger Dagger :emoji_dagger:
Date Date :emoji_date:
Desktop Desktop :emoji_desktop:
Dividers Dividers :emoji_dividers:
Dollar Dollar :emoji_dollar:
Dolls Dolls :emoji_dolls:
Door Door :emoji_door:
Dvd Dvd :emoji_dvd:
E-mail E-mail :emoji_e-mail:
Electric Plug Electric Plug :emoji_electric_plug:
Envelope Envelope :emoji_envelope:
Envelope With_arrow Envelope With_arrow :emoji_envelope_with_arrow:
Euro Euro :emoji_euro:
Fax Fax :emoji_fax:
File Cabinet File Cabinet :emoji_file_cabinet:
File Folder File Folder :emoji_file_folder:
Film Frames Film Frames :emoji_film_frames:
Flag Black Flag Black :emoji_flag_black:
Flag White Flag White :emoji_flag_white:
Flags Flags :emoji_flags:
Flashlight Flashlight :emoji_flashlight:
Floppy Disk Floppy Disk :emoji_floppy_disk:
Frame Photo Frame Photo :emoji_frame_photo:
Gay Pride_flag Gay Pride_flag :emoji_gay_pride_flag:
Gear Gear :emoji_gear:
Gem Gem :emoji_gem:
Gift Gift :emoji_gift:
Green Book Green Book :emoji_green_book:
Gun Gun :emoji_gun:
Hammer Hammer :emoji_hammer:
Hammer Pick Hammer Pick :emoji_hammer_pick:
Hole Hole :emoji_hole:
Hourglass Hourglass :emoji_hourglass:
Hourglass Flowing_sand Hourglass Flowing_sand :emoji_hourglass_flowing_sand:
Inbox Tray Inbox Tray :emoji_inbox_tray:
Incoming Envelope Incoming Envelope :emoji_incoming_envelope:
Iphone Iphone :emoji_iphone:
Izakaya Lantern Izakaya Lantern :emoji_izakaya_lantern:
Joystick Joystick :emoji_joystick:
Key Key :emoji_key:
Key2 Key2 :emoji_key2:
Keyboard Keyboard :emoji_keyboard:
Knife Knife :emoji_knife:
Label Label :emoji_label:
Ledger Ledger :emoji_ledger:
Level Slider Level Slider :emoji_level_slider:
Link Link :emoji_link:
Lock Lock :emoji_lock:
Lock with Ink Pen Lock with Ink Pen :emoji_lock_with_ink_pen:
Love Letter Love Letter :emoji_love_letter:
Mag Mag :emoji_mag:
Mag Right Mag Right :emoji_mag_right:
Mailbox Mailbox :emoji_mailbox:
Mailbox Closed Mailbox Closed :emoji_mailbox_closed:
Mailbox With_mail Mailbox With_mail :emoji_mailbox_with_mail:
Mailbox With_no_mail Mailbox With_no_mail :emoji_mailbox_with_no_mail:
Map Map :emoji_map:
Microphone2 Microphone2 :emoji_microphone2:
Microscope Microscope :emoji_microscope:
Minidisc Minidisc :emoji_minidisc:
Money With_wings Money With_wings :emoji_money_with_wings:
Moneybag Moneybag :emoji_moneybag:
Mouse Three_button Mouse Three_button :emoji_mouse_three_button:
Movie Camera Movie Camera :emoji_movie_camera:
Moyai Moyai :emoji_moyai:
Newspaper Newspaper :emoji_newspaper:
Newspaper2 Newspaper2 :emoji_newspaper2:
Notebook Notebook :emoji_notebook:
Notebook with Decorative Cover Notebook with Decorative Cover :emoji_notebook_with_decorative_cover:
Notepad Spiral Notepad Spiral :emoji_notepad_spiral:
Nut and Bolt Nut and Bolt :emoji_nut_and_bolt:
Oil Oil :emoji_oil:
Open File_folder Open File_folder :emoji_open_file_folder:
Orange Book Orange Book :emoji_orange_book:
Outbox Tray Outbox Tray :emoji_outbox_tray:
Package Package :emoji_package:
Page Facing_up Page Facing_up :emoji_page_facing_up:
Page With_curl Page With_curl :emoji_page_with_curl:
Pager Pager :emoji_pager:
Paintbrush Paintbrush :emoji_paintbrush:
Paperclip Paperclip :emoji_paperclip:
Paperclips Paperclips :emoji_paperclips:
Pen Ballpoint Pen Ballpoint :emoji_pen_ballpoint:
Pen Fountain Pen Fountain :emoji_pen_fountain:
Pencil Pencil :emoji_pencil:
Pencil2 Pencil2 :emoji_pencil2:
Pick Pick :emoji_pick:
Pill Pill :emoji_pill:
Postal Horn Postal Horn :emoji_postal_horn:
Postbox Postbox :emoji_postbox:
Pound Pound :emoji_pound:
Prayer Beads Prayer Beads :emoji_prayer_beads:
Printer Printer :emoji_printer:
Projector Projector :emoji_projector:
Pushpin Pushpin :emoji_pushpin:
Radio Radio :emoji_radio:
Ribbon Ribbon :emoji_ribbon:
Round Pushpin Round Pushpin :emoji_round_pushpin:
Satellite Satellite :emoji_satellite:
Scales Scales :emoji_scales:
Scissors Scissors :emoji_scissors:
Scroll Scroll :emoji_scroll:
Shield Shield :emoji_shield:
Shopping Bags Shopping Bags :emoji_shopping_bags:
Shopping Cart Shopping Cart :emoji_shopping_cart:
Shower Shower :emoji_shower:
Skull Crossbones Skull Crossbones :emoji_skull_crossbones:
Sleeping Accommodation Sleeping Accommodation :emoji_sleeping_accommodation:
Smoking Smoking :emoji_smoking:
Stopwatch Stopwatch :emoji_stopwatch:
Straight Ruler Straight Ruler :emoji_straight_ruler:
Syringe Syringe :emoji_syringe:
Tada Tada :emoji_tada:
Telephone Telephone :emoji_telephone:
Telephone Receiver Telephone Receiver :emoji_telephone_receiver:
Telescope Telescope :emoji_telescope:
Thermometer Thermometer :emoji_thermometer:
Timer Timer :emoji_timer:
Toilet Toilet :emoji_toilet:
Tools Tools :emoji_tools:
Trackball Trackball :emoji_trackball:
Triangular Flag_on_post Triangular Flag_on_post :emoji_triangular_flag_on_post:
Triangular Ruler Triangular Ruler :emoji_triangular_ruler:
Tv Tv :emoji_tv:
Unlock Unlock :emoji_unlock:
Urn Urn :emoji_urn:
Vhs Vhs :emoji_vhs:
Video Camera Video Camera :emoji_video_camera:
Wastebasket Wastebasket :emoji_wastebasket:
Watch Watch :emoji_watch:
Wind Chime Wind Chime :emoji_wind_chime:
Wrench Wrench :emoji_wrench:
Yen Yen :emoji_yen:
Flag AC Flag AC :emoji_flag_ac:
Flag AD Flag AD :emoji_flag_ad:
Flag AE Flag AE :emoji_flag_ae:
Flag AF Flag AF :emoji_flag_af:
Flag AG Flag AG :emoji_flag_ag:
Flag AI Flag AI :emoji_flag_ai:
Flag AL Flag AL :emoji_flag_al:
Flag AM Flag AM :emoji_flag_am:
Flag AO Flag AO :emoji_flag_ao:
Flag AQ Flag AQ :emoji_flag_aq:
Flag AR Flag AR :emoji_flag_ar:
Flag AS Flag AS :emoji_flag_as:
Flag AT Flag AT :emoji_flag_at:
Flag AU Flag AU :emoji_flag_au:
Flag AW Flag AW :emoji_flag_aw:
Flag AX Flag AX :emoji_flag_ax:
Flag AZ Flag AZ :emoji_flag_az:
Flag BA Flag BA :emoji_flag_ba:
Flag BB Flag BB :emoji_flag_bb:
Flag BD Flag BD :emoji_flag_bd:
Flag BE Flag BE :emoji_flag_be:
Flag BF Flag BF :emoji_flag_bf:
Flag BG Flag BG :emoji_flag_bg:
Flag BH Flag BH :emoji_flag_bh:
Flag BI Flag BI :emoji_flag_bi:
Flag BJ Flag BJ :emoji_flag_bj:
Flag BL Flag BL :emoji_flag_bl:
Flag BM Flag BM :emoji_flag_bm:
Flag BN Flag BN :emoji_flag_bn:
Flag BO Flag BO :emoji_flag_bo:
Flag BQ Flag BQ :emoji_flag_bq:
Flag BR Flag BR :emoji_flag_br:
Flag BS Flag BS :emoji_flag_bs:
Flag BT Flag BT :emoji_flag_bt:
Flag BV Flag BV :emoji_flag_bv:
Flag BW Flag BW :emoji_flag_bw:
Flag BY Flag BY :emoji_flag_by:
Flag BZ Flag BZ :emoji_flag_bz:
Flag CA Flag CA :emoji_flag_ca:
Flag CC Flag CC :emoji_flag_cc:
Flag CD Flag CD :emoji_flag_cd:
Flag CF Flag CF :emoji_flag_cf:
Flag CG Flag CG :emoji_flag_cg:
Flag CH Flag CH :emoji_flag_ch:
Flag CI Flag CI :emoji_flag_ci:
Flag CK Flag CK :emoji_flag_ck:
Flag CL Flag CL :emoji_flag_cl:
Flag CM Flag CM :emoji_flag_cm:
Flag CN Flag CN :emoji_flag_cn:
Flag CO Flag CO :emoji_flag_co:
Flag CP Flag CP :emoji_flag_cp:
Flag CR Flag CR :emoji_flag_cr:
Flag CU Flag CU :emoji_flag_cu:
Flag CV Flag CV :emoji_flag_cv:
Flag CW Flag CW :emoji_flag_cw:
Flag CX Flag CX :emoji_flag_cx:
Flag CY Flag CY :emoji_flag_cy:
Flag CZ Flag CZ :emoji_flag_cz:
Flag DE Flag DE :emoji_flag_de:
Flag DG Flag DG :emoji_flag_dg:
Flag DJ Flag DJ :emoji_flag_dj:
Flag DK Flag DK :emoji_flag_dk:
Flag DM Flag DM :emoji_flag_dm:
Flag DO Flag DO :emoji_flag_do:
Flag DZ Flag DZ :emoji_flag_dz:
Flag EA Flag EA :emoji_flag_ea:
Flag EC Flag EC :emoji_flag_ec:
Flag EE Flag EE :emoji_flag_ee:
Flag EG Flag EG :emoji_flag_eg:
Flag EH Flag EH :emoji_flag_eh:
Flag ER Flag ER :emoji_flag_er:
Flag ES Flag ES :emoji_flag_es:
Flag ET Flag ET :emoji_flag_et:
Flag EU Flag EU :emoji_flag_eu:
Flag FI Flag FI :emoji_flag_fi:
Flag FJ Flag FJ :emoji_flag_fj:
Flag FK Flag FK :emoji_flag_fk:
Flag FM Flag FM :emoji_flag_fm:
Flag FO Flag FO :emoji_flag_fo:
Flag FR Flag FR :emoji_flag_fr:
Flag GA Flag GA :emoji_flag_ga:
Flag GB Flag GB :emoji_flag_gb:
Flag GD Flag GD :emoji_flag_gd:
Flag GE Flag GE :emoji_flag_ge:
Flag GF Flag GF :emoji_flag_gf:
Flag GG Flag GG :emoji_flag_gg:
Flag GH Flag GH :emoji_flag_gh:
Flag GI Flag GI :emoji_flag_gi:
Flag GL Flag GL :emoji_flag_gl:
Flag GM Flag GM :emoji_flag_gm:
Flag GN Flag GN :emoji_flag_gn:
Flag GP Flag GP :emoji_flag_gp:
Flag GQ Flag GQ :emoji_flag_gq:
Flag GR Flag GR :emoji_flag_gr:
Flag GS Flag GS :emoji_flag_gs:
Flag GT Flag GT :emoji_flag_gt:
Flag GU Flag GU :emoji_flag_gu:
Flag GW Flag GW :emoji_flag_gw:
Flag GY Flag GY :emoji_flag_gy:
Flag HK Flag HK :emoji_flag_hk:
Flag HM Flag HM :emoji_flag_hm:
Flag HN Flag HN :emoji_flag_hn:
Flag HR Flag HR :emoji_flag_hr:
Flag HT Flag HT :emoji_flag_ht:
Flag HU Flag HU :emoji_flag_hu:
Flag IC Flag IC :emoji_flag_ic:
Flag ID Flag ID :emoji_flag_id:
Flag IE Flag IE :emoji_flag_ie:
Flag IL Flag IL :emoji_flag_il:
Flag IM Flag IM :emoji_flag_im:
Flag IN Flag IN :emoji_flag_in:
Flag IO Flag IO :emoji_flag_io:
Flag IQ Flag IQ :emoji_flag_iq:
Flag IR Flag IR :emoji_flag_ir:
Flag IS Flag IS :emoji_flag_is:
Flag IT Flag IT :emoji_flag_it:
Flag JE Flag JE :emoji_flag_je:
Flag JM Flag JM :emoji_flag_jm:
Flag JO Flag JO :emoji_flag_jo:
Flag JP Flag JP :emoji_flag_jp:
Flag KE Flag KE :emoji_flag_ke:
Flag KG Flag KG :emoji_flag_kg:
Flag KH Flag KH :emoji_flag_kh:
Flag KI Flag KI :emoji_flag_ki:
Flag KM Flag KM :emoji_flag_km:
Flag KN Flag KN :emoji_flag_kn:
Flag KP Flag KP :emoji_flag_kp:
Flag KR Flag KR :emoji_flag_kr:
Flag KW Flag KW :emoji_flag_kw:
Flag KY Flag KY :emoji_flag_ky:
Flag KZ Flag KZ :emoji_flag_kz:
Flag LA Flag LA :emoji_flag_la:
Flag LB Flag LB :emoji_flag_lb:
Flag LC Flag LC :emoji_flag_lc:
Flag LI Flag LI :emoji_flag_li:
Flag LK Flag LK :emoji_flag_lk:
Flag LR Flag LR :emoji_flag_lr:
Flag LS Flag LS :emoji_flag_ls:
Flag LT Flag LT :emoji_flag_lt:
Flag LU Flag LU :emoji_flag_lu:
Flag LV Flag LV :emoji_flag_lv:
Flag LY Flag LY :emoji_flag_ly:
Flag MA Flag MA :emoji_flag_ma:
Flag MC Flag MC :emoji_flag_mc:
Flag MD Flag MD :emoji_flag_md:
Flag ME Flag ME :emoji_flag_me:
Flag MF Flag MF :emoji_flag_mf:
Flag MG Flag MG :emoji_flag_mg:
Flag MH Flag MH :emoji_flag_mh:
Flag MK Flag MK :emoji_flag_mk:
Flag ML Flag ML :emoji_flag_ml:
Flag MM Flag MM :emoji_flag_mm:
Flag MN Flag MN :emoji_flag_mn:
Flag MO Flag MO :emoji_flag_mo:
Flag MP Flag MP :emoji_flag_mp:
Flag MQ Flag MQ :emoji_flag_mq:
Flag MR Flag MR :emoji_flag_mr:
Flag MS Flag MS :emoji_flag_ms:
Flag MT Flag MT :emoji_flag_mt:
Flag MU Flag MU :emoji_flag_mu:
Flag MV Flag MV :emoji_flag_mv:
Flag MW Flag MW :emoji_flag_mw:
Flag MX Flag MX :emoji_flag_mx:
Flag MY Flag MY :emoji_flag_my:
Flag MZ Flag MZ :emoji_flag_mz:
Flag NA Flag NA :emoji_flag_na:
Flag NC Flag NC :emoji_flag_nc:
Flag NE Flag NE :emoji_flag_ne:
Flag NF Flag NF :emoji_flag_nf:
Flag NG Flag NG :emoji_flag_ng:
Flag NI Flag NI :emoji_flag_ni:
Flag NL Flag NL :emoji_flag_nl:
Flag NO Flag NO :emoji_flag_no:
Flag NP Flag NP :emoji_flag_np:
Flag NR Flag NR :emoji_flag_nr:
Flag NU Flag NU :emoji_flag_nu:
Flag NZ Flag NZ :emoji_flag_nz:
Flag OM Flag OM :emoji_flag_om:
Flag PA Flag PA :emoji_flag_pa:
Flag PE Flag PE :emoji_flag_pe:
Flag PF Flag PF :emoji_flag_pf:
Flag PG Flag PG :emoji_flag_pg:
Flag PH Flag PH :emoji_flag_ph:
Flag PK Flag PK :emoji_flag_pk:
Flag PL Flag PL :emoji_flag_pl:
Flag PM Flag PM :emoji_flag_pm:
Flag PN Flag PN :emoji_flag_pn:
Flag PR Flag PR :emoji_flag_pr:
Flag PS Flag PS :emoji_flag_ps:
Flag PT Flag PT :emoji_flag_pt:
Flag PW Flag PW :emoji_flag_pw:
Flag PY Flag PY :emoji_flag_py:
Flag QA Flag QA :emoji_flag_qa:
Flag RE Flag RE :emoji_flag_re:
Flag RO Flag RO :emoji_flag_ro:
Flag RS Flag RS :emoji_flag_rs:
Flag RU Flag RU :emoji_flag_ru:
Flag RW Flag RW :emoji_flag_rw:
Flag SA Flag SA :emoji_flag_sa:
Flag SB Flag SB :emoji_flag_sb:
Flag SC Flag SC :emoji_flag_sc:
Flag SD Flag SD :emoji_flag_sd:
Flag SE Flag SE :emoji_flag_se:
Flag SG Flag SG :emoji_flag_sg:
Flag SH Flag SH :emoji_flag_sh:
Flag SI Flag SI :emoji_flag_si:
Flag SJ Flag SJ :emoji_flag_sj:
Flag SK Flag SK :emoji_flag_sk:
Flag SL Flag SL :emoji_flag_sl:
Flag SM Flag SM :emoji_flag_sm:
Flag SN Flag SN :emoji_flag_sn:
Flag SO Flag SO :emoji_flag_so:
Flag SR Flag SR :emoji_flag_sr:
Flag SS Flag SS :emoji_flag_ss:
Flag ST Flag ST :emoji_flag_st:
Flag SV Flag SV :emoji_flag_sv:
Flag SX Flag SX :emoji_flag_sx:
Flag SY Flag SY :emoji_flag_sy:
Flag SZ Flag SZ :emoji_flag_sz:
Flag TA Flag TA :emoji_flag_ta:
Flag TC Flag TC :emoji_flag_tc:
Flag TD Flag TD :emoji_flag_td:
Flag TF Flag TF :emoji_flag_tf:
Flag TG Flag TG :emoji_flag_tg:
Flag TH Flag TH :emoji_flag_th:
Flag TJ Flag TJ :emoji_flag_tj:
Flag TK Flag TK :emoji_flag_tk:
Flag TL Flag TL :emoji_flag_tl:
Flag TM Flag TM :emoji_flag_tm:
Flag TN Flag TN :emoji_flag_tn:
Flag TO Flag TO :emoji_flag_to:
Flag TR Flag TR :emoji_flag_tr:
Flag TT Flag TT :emoji_flag_tt:
Flag TV Flag TV :emoji_flag_tv:
Flag TW Flag TW :emoji_flag_tw:
Flag TZ Flag TZ :emoji_flag_tz:
Flag UA Flag UA :emoji_flag_ua:
Flag UG Flag UG :emoji_flag_ug:
Flag UM Flag UM :emoji_flag_um:
Flag US Flag US :emoji_flag_us:
Flag UY Flag UY :emoji_flag_uy:
Flag UZ Flag UZ :emoji_flag_uz:
Flag VA Flag VA :emoji_flag_va:
Flag VC Flag VC :emoji_flag_vc:
Flag VE Flag VE :emoji_flag_ve:
Flag VG Flag VG :emoji_flag_vg:
Flag VI Flag VI :emoji_flag_vi:
Flag VN Flag VN :emoji_flag_vn:
Flag VU Flag VU :emoji_flag_vu:
Flag WF Flag WF :emoji_flag_wf:
Flag WS Flag WS :emoji_flag_ws:
Flag XK Flag XK :emoji_flag_xk:
Flag YE Flag YE :emoji_flag_ye:
Flag YT Flag YT :emoji_flag_yt:
Flag ZA Flag ZA :emoji_flag_za:
Flag ZM Flag ZM :emoji_flag_zm:
Flag ZW Flag ZW :emoji_flag_zw: