D 4 Voice selling @ Aggressive Rate on CC and cli and ncli

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    Dear partner ,

    Greetings from D 4 Voice !!!

    We are offering very aggressive rates for below cc, A-Z cli and ncli Routes

    China cc cli
    china cli

    Taiwan cc cli
    Taiwan cli

    Indonesia cc cli
    Indonesia cli

    Japan cc cli
    Japan cli

    Malaysia cc cli
    Malaysia cli

    Myanmar cc cli
    Myanmar cli

    Nepal cc cli
    Nepal cli

    Oman cc cli
    Oman cli

    Philippines cc cli
    Philippines cli

    Qatar cc cli
    Qatar cli

    Saudi Arabia cc cli
    Saudi Arabia cli

    Singapore cc cli
    Singapore cli

    Thailand cc cli
    Thailand cli

    Vietnam cc cli
    Vietnam cli

    Yemen cc cli
    Yemen cli

    please feel free to conatct us on

    skype id : felixben.d4voice@outlook.com

    email id : sales@d4voice.com / sales1@d4voice.com

    Phone : +17099090373

    url link : www.d4voice.com

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