Get VOS 4.0 as low as $50

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    C4Switch Brings You

    VOS3000 ** version with *Stable Server EUROPE IP* Exclusive Discounted Price

    Offering many new features. It is more secure than older version.

    Please contact us for demo or if you have any questions.

    *Free Demo*

    Features include:

    · Anti-hacking panel with add on feature of restarting your softswitch (OWN DEPLOYED)

    · Call Transfer Number Pool (Mapping/Routing Gateway

    · Bind MySQL to when install

    · Solve Web server stop after upgrade and cannot start automatically problem

    · Remove “Callee Transfer Billing Mode” on Phone and Mapping Gateway

    · Remove “Allow Callee Transfer” on Routing Gateway

    *24/7* Tech Support

    WhatsApp: +923018284220
    Skype: Jasra C4switch

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