Mozambique/ Ukraine/ Sri Lanka /Benin / Uzbekistan/ Ecuador Ncli Routes Need

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  1. Evan Jacob

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    Dear Valued Partner,

    QBERRY LTD urgently Looking for CLI & NON CLI Routes, we have Tons of live traffic for the following destinations.

    Do you have any routes to offer QBERRY LTD ? Here some of our TROUBLED DESTINATIONS as of today and along with we've traffic going to almost ALL International destinations.

    Please let us know if you could help us out with any of these routes.

    1.Afghanistan AWCC, MTN, Salam

    2.Cameroon Orange & MTN

    3.Belarus Proper

    4.Uganda MTN


    6.Honduras Digicel


    8.Gambia All

    9.Nepal Spice

    10.Mali Mobile

    11.Greece Mobile

    12.Chad Mobile

    13.Ghana MTN




    17.Cuba All

    18.Seychelles Island

    19.Ivory Coast

    20.El Salvador


    22.Guatemala Mobile

    23.Guinea Mobile Orange

    24.Tunisia All

    25.Uganda Mobile All

    26.Zimbabwe Econet

    27.Morocco all

    28.Mali all

    Other Route opportunity (100K/DAY) to the following destinations : Albania Vodafone, Senegal Orange, Cuba, Mozambique, Cameroon Mobile Nexttel,

    Algeria Orascom, Afghan Salaam, Somalia Hormud, Zimbabwe Econet, Gabon Cell, Gambia ALL, Kenya Safaricom, Cameroon Orange, MT, DRC Vodacom,

    Nigeria Mobile.

    We look forward to receiving your offer rates and eye on establishing a working relationship with you.

    If you have any offer Please contact>>

    Skype- live:jacob.qberry

    Thank You.

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