Multi-tenant IP PBX Solutions for Industry Verticles

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    Ecosmob offer Multi-tenant IP PBX, which is scalable, reliable and secure Private Branch Exchange solution. It revolves around the requirements of dynamic enterprises. With the help of virtual PBX system, all remote collaboration and telephone communication needs of businesses are fulfilled in a trenchant way.Our Multi-tenant IP PBX solution provides great flexibility, by offering voice, video and multimedia using a single network. It helps users connect anytime, from anywhere as it helps bridge the remote networks.

    Key Features of Hosted IP PBX Solution:
    • -Configurable Routing Rules
    • -Queue & Agent with Recording option
    • -Selective Acceptance
    • -Hold and Retrieve
    • -Playback Extensions
    • -Gateway/Trunk Management
    • -Call Park & Pickup
    • -And Many More
    Ecosmob also offers custom-made PBX solution as per your custom requirements. So that you can unify with your valued customers. Reach us to know more about our other VoIP solutions.

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