------------------------No need to worry about the bad and unstable traffic .-------------------

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    Dear vendors and terminations,

    Hi,We provide huge good traffic with high quality for many destinations .

    No need to worry about the bad and unstable traffic .

    We focus on international wholesale and retail voice & Sms business..

    Payment term :Twice a week ,suport local payment ,western union , paypal ,payoneer..... flexable payment .
    Also allow small credit limit .

    If you could offer Non cli route ,please contact me at any time ,thanks

    Natalie - China Skyline Telecom CO.
    Whatsapp/Wechat : +8613715985640
    skype: live:natelie_9

    Our top selling destinations :
    Bangladesh 880*-----508K daily
    Ethiopia 251*-----— 368K daily
    Nepal 977* —-------298K daily
    Nigeria 234 * —-----292K daily
    Afghanistan 93*----288K daily
    Sri Lanka 94 * —----246K daily
    Indonesia 62* —-----366K daily
    India 91* —----------570K daily
    Philippines---------333K daily
    Pakistan 92*(all code) —----480K
    Egypt 2010 2011 —-----369K
    Yemen —--------198K
    Sudan Zain,Mtn —----298K
    Senegal* —-------144K
    Ghana* —-------190K
    Cameroon* —---164K
    Cuba* —--------282K
    Ecuador* —------195K
    Iran* —---------158K
    Ivory coast* —-— 106K
    South Africa--------198K
    . . . . . . . . . and other destinations

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