Yemen/ Mali/ Tunisia /Morocco / Nigeria/ Benin / Iran / Cameroon/ Albania ....Instant Live Traffic

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    Evan Jacob VoIPMaster

    Dear Direct Routes Provider,

    This is Evan Jacob QBERRY LTD. Add me on Skype: live:Jacob.qberry & send me your offer by mail:

    QBERRY LTD is a VoIP carrier and works as a global hub both in wholesale and retail platform based in United Kingdom. It has the global reputation to deal with A-Z non cli termination. We are looking for some good quality and stable non-cli routes and also dealing with millions of traffic on daily basis as well. Average traffic volume for everyday is 100k.

    If you have VOIP direct quality routes please let us know, we have A-Z traffic to send your routes.

    QBERRY LTD is looking for NONCLI ROUTES PROVIDERS for given below destinations:

    Albania Mobile All Codes
    Afghanistan all codes

    Senegal Noncli routes all codes

    Slovenia Ipko all codes

    Syria all codes

    Belarus Mobile all codes

    Tanzania Mobile all codes

    Cuba Mobile all codes

    Philippine Mobile all

    Georgia Mobile all codes

    Tunisia All codes

    Ecuador 593 all codes

    Nicaragua all codes

    Lebanon Mobile all codes

    Benin Mobile all codes

    Ghana Mobile All codes

    Uganda Mobile all codes

    Mali Mobile all codes

    Zimbabwe all Codes

    Sudan Mobile all codes

    Jamaica Mobile 2519 all codes

    Morocco Mobile all codes

    Yemen Sabafone & MTN

    Bangladesh Mobile all Codes > Pak >Vietnam>Argentina >Brazil >Dominican >Zambia >Uganda >Serbia
    Haiti >Kenya >Libya >DRC>UAE> Saudi Arbia> Iran > Iraq Good volume waiting for Direct Vendor

    Please share your offer rate if you cover any of these destinations or you can also offer us your any direct route. We have wholesale live traffic for A-Z destination.

    Evan Jacob

    Business Development Executive



    Skype: live:jacob.qberry

    21 Buttress Street, Manchester, Lancashire,

    United Kingdom, M18 8EG.


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