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    Session Timer Failed

    Hello , is this on asterisk ?. Please mention issue clearly . It could be from your trunk provider end . You have 2 options 1. Ask your provider to turn off session timer request . 2. In sip.conf fiel of your asterisk try to changing session-timers configuration . Below is the extracted...
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    Asterisk and Freepbx cdr_adaptive_odbc.so module error

    Asterisk CDR can be stored in mysql database using odbc conenctor. We can choose which cdr database module to use at the time of compilation and installation of asterisk using make menuselect . You may encounter module errors If you configure wrong odbc drivers . For example if you look at...
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    Fusion PBX or ASTPP Cluster for load balancing calls

    Fusion PBX or ASTPP cluster can distribute calls between nodes to achieve high availability and scalability . Practically, a correctly configured freeswitch can run thousands of concurrent calls on modern high performance server hardware. At times you may need to setup freeswitch cluster to...
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    Learn Freeswitch Commands

    Freeswitch is the best open source VoIP Platform for production use . Adding Kamailio or OpenSIPS nodes in front of freeswitch makes VoIP networks more scalable and secure . It's practically a necessity for VoIP admins or engineers to learn some basic freeswitch commands to manage and...
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    FailOver and Load balancing with OpenSIPS for Freeswitch

    We can design sip networks with openSIPS or Kamailio as a sip load balancer in many ways based on requirement and availability of resources. Refer to the below illustration in which load balancing and HA are designed at openSIPS level . You can also implement HighAvailability at freeswitch...
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    Renaming Recordings in asterisk.

    Is your issue resolved ?. If so please post it in this thread to help other people
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    Renaming of Queue recordings

    Is your issue resolved ?
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    How To install openSIPS 2.4 on Cent OS 8 and Fixing opensipsdbctl Error

    Following is a guide on " How To install openSIPS 2.4 on Cent OS 8 " and "fixing opensipsdbctl CREATE USER failed for 'opensips'@'localhost' Error" . The error may read like "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your My SQL server version for the...
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    New Ranges with Good Rates- Kappa Premium Telecom

    Why you are posting this in voipnews section ?. You can not read or you just copy paste ?. On this forum many times it has been told that you should post in related sections only . Even there is a banner on top ? .
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    Renaming Recordings in asterisk.

    if you can yes ! . I may try to give you some hint based on that . Distros like freepbx have their own dialplans . You need to look at the lines where queue processing and mixmonitor section .
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    Kamailio and Opensips developer

    @Pavel Let me know if you can help me with async configuration push notification for kamailio proxy as front end . Idea is to to put kamailio as front end proxy and all registrations will be forwarded to asterisk or freeswitch or any other . Kamailio can hold database of client push tokens and...
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    Renaming Recordings in asterisk.

    @Akrobah I do not know your Xivo PBX dialplan . You can set and access Queue variables in dial plan something like .. exten => n,Set(thisQueue=${GLOBAL(QUEUE_${EXTEN})}) Mixmonitor monitor application funcion is MixMonitor(filename.extension,[options,[command]]) . So access the...
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    Renaming Recordings in asterisk.

    Hello , what is the issue ? Do you want to rename files ?. Can you explain ?
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    Kamailio and Opensips developer

    Hi mr.pavel welcome to global voipforum . Do you have solution for push notification forward using kamailio for asterisk or freeswitch sip users with nonblocking asynchronous operation . Kamailio is excellent choice for call routing with its high performance structure . Pbx/softswitch...
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    Configuring FTP server on Cent OS 8 and Red Hat Linux

    FTP is faster than SFTP but the catch is plain ftp is not recommended for important data transfers between ftp server and client over public internet . But still one may want to configure FTP server for transferring trivial data such as surveillance camera live recordings . Since live cctv...
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    Newbie thread! how you make and receive payments?

    Replying to this question after a long time. Hello our business is not selling voip routes but providing application development and technical support for business telephony customers. Simple answer to your question is .... In VoIP business one has to blindly trust the other party . Yes...
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    Troubleshooting Voice Over IP Issues - SIP Response codes and actions

    Trouble shooting voice issues for VoIP engineers and PBX administrators is a big challenge. Unlike in traditional telephony systems , One has to deal with many aspects of Internet Telephony (Voice Over Internet) when it comes to call connectivity and quality. It is not limited to only...
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    Is it Drop Box Or Drop the Box performance ?

    This is my first post in this forum . Though I am a IpTelephony PBX admin and work on mostly linux boxes ( I mean messing up with asterisk boxes and sitting awake late nights to figure out where was gone wrong kind of stuff :) ) , I wanted to post about some weird issue i was facing with...
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    **VOIPSWAITCH for best price**

    Dear VoIP Service Provider, Please contact us for secure and reliable VOIPSWITCH, VOS 3000 installations for best price . We want to have good relationship with our customer so that we can get other customers with their reference. Some of the features we offer 1. Automatic backup for...

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