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    Troubleshooting Voice Over IP Issues - SIP Response codes and actions

    Trouble shooting voice issues for VoIP engineers and PBX administrators is a big challenge. Unlike in traditional telephony systems , One has to deal with many aspects of Internet Telephony (Voice Over Internet) when it comes to call connectivity and quality. It is not limited to only...
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    Best Voip Dialer

    GROW YOUR VoIP BUSINESS WITH SipCo Systems. Let us help you in increasing your customer base and win their loyalty with customised mobile voip dialer . SipCo Softphone Features: Complete White Label In App registration Rate & Balance Display HD Voice Quality Online Payment Gateway and...
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    Life time platinum dialer+1 year free rent+website=just 600$

    Life time platinum dialer + 1 year free rent + website = just 600$ . http://sipcosystems.com/ Contact Us: sales@sipcosystems.com (Mail) sales@sipcosystems.com (Skype) www.sipcosystems.com (Web)
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    Free Branding Dialer

    Hello , #SipCo Systems providing Own Branding Dialer for FREE . sales@sipcosystems.com (Mail) sales@sipcosystems.com (Skype) www.sipcosystems.com (Web)
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    #Design your own branded dialers @ 120$

    Dear Partner, Design your own branded dialer your self using mysoftfone.com portal @ just 120$ For further information, you may contact us at sales@sipcosystems.com (E-Mail) / sales@sipcosystems.com (GTalk) / sales@sipcosystems.com (Skype). Best Regards, Sipco Systems sales@sipcosystems.com...
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    Get your branded mobile dialer and increase your customer loyalty . Now SipCo Systems offers white

    Dear Sir, Get your branded mobile dialer and increase your customer loyalty . Now SipCo Systems offers whitelabel softphone for discounted prices ! Contact today and Get upto 50 % discount on your order ! SipCo Branded Mobile Dailer offers below features: * Brand Name on Main Screen *...
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    Features of SipCo Anti-blocking Mobile Dialer

    Dear Sir, Features of SipCo Anti-blocking Mobile Dialer: * Compatible with all range of mobile platforms. * Works on all standard SIP servers (Asterisk, Cisco, etc ). * Supports codecs like G729,GSM,and G.711 iLBC, Speex codecs. * Customizations offered like header, footer and brand name of...

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