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Best Business VoIP Systems

Switching from your overpriced PSTN phone lines to a virtual phone system might seem intimating at first, but it’s an efficient business decision you can take in just a matter of hours. We’ve compiled this VoIP wiki for business virtual phone services to help you find your way in an easy way. Our business VoIP reviews, comparisons and discount offers will help you further in picking the perfect VoIP solution for your company.

Our editors have selected the following providers as the best 4 VoIP systems for businesses of 2020:

1. Ringcentral

2. Grasshopper

3. Nextiva

4. CallHippo

Why Should I Use a Virtual Phone System?

Save on Phone Expenses
If you are not using VoIP services, you’re likely using good old PSTN telephone lines. PSTN lines are very capable of burning a hole in your pocket, as you would be paying for each minute you talk with the person on the other end of a phone call. VoIP services help you reduce telephone bills, and calls can be simply made with the help of the internet.

Get a More Professional Company Image
The advanced VoIP features help in projecting a more professional image of your business, especially in the eyes of your customer. For instance, your customers won’t have to hang up during the nighttime, as an automated voice will warmly attend to them, thereby projecting the right image of a large company in the mind of the customer.

Increased Scalability, Flexibility
Professional VoIP service providers use up-to-date technology, and can provide services to handle any amount of workload. These services also provide a good number of features like call transfer, call holding, call forwarding, and voice-to-mail transcription, thereby making the services more flexible.

Ease of Use
VoIP calls are pretty easy to make as they only utilize a standard internet connection, and no other specific and complicated hardware equipment. Moreover, the computer user interface is quite easy to understand and operate, thereby making VoIP further very accessible.

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