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Is it Drop Box Or Drop the Box performance ?


This is my first post in this forum . Though I am a IpTelephony PBX admin and work on mostly linux boxes ( I mean messing up with asterisk boxes and sitting awake late nights to figure out where was gone wrong kind of stuff :) ) , I wanted to post about some weird issue i was facing with drop box on my mac .

I really did not think that drop box would be responsible for eating up all my mac resources . I was just struggling with finding and cleaning up every other application on my mac hoping that it would speed up a bit .

Finally I checked the running tasks & processes with activity manager in utilities . To my surprise drop box was one of the processes I found interesting and I just force killed all the processes related to it . And then I deleted drop box related files from ~/Library/Application Support , ~/Library/Caches , ~/Library/Application Scripts and from every other place wherever I found drop box related files as if I went mad .


Guess what ! , After a restart , It was as fast as new machine with fresh OS installation . Keeping drop box security and privacy issues aside, I think Drop box runs services in the background to keep server connections and watching the file changes on system . I doubt they pull our personal files without our consent , better read their privacy policy once . This is all my suspicion ..

I think it is better to use google drive or some other platform for any file storage & sharing ...
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