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Kamailio and Opensips developer

Why so silence here? Is anyone using Kamailio\Opensips for wholesale.
Is anyone want quality support in this field you may contact me.
Hi mr.pavel welcome to global voipforum . Do you have solution for push notification forward using kamailio for asterisk or freeswitch sip users with nonblocking asynchronous operation .

Kamailio is excellent choice for call routing with its high performance structure . Pbx/softswitch providers combine kamailio with media aware platforms like asterisk & freeswitch and offering solutions . Please let me know if you have solution (kamailio config) for registered sip clients on asterisk&freeswitch .
@Pavel Let me know if you can help me with async configuration push notification for kamailio proxy as front end . Idea is to to put kamailio as front end proxy and all registrations will be forwarded to asterisk or freeswitch or any other . Kamailio can hold database of client push tokens and send push notifications when call invite is received and user not registered response from registrar by looking at location database .


@voip.batsman we can see that you are very active on this forum . Thank you for your contribution to globalvoipforum . You are helping people with informative posts .Please keep up the good work . Global VoIP forum Team can help you in finding a right resource for your voip support needs . Let us know what help you need with Kamailio .
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