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TBSAL Looking For Stable Noncli Termination For Retail Traffic

Dear Partner,
we need stable non-cli route For Pure Retail Traffic,if you can provide below route,Please feel free to contact me a through Skype or send email.

Uganda Mobile MTN---Pure Retail Traffic USA Originated
Albania Mobile Vodafone---Pure Retail Traffic USA Originated
Rwanda Mobile MTN---Pure Retail Traffic USA Originated
Zambia Mobile All---Pure Retail Traffic USA Originated
Senegal Mobile Orange---Pure Retail Traffic
Liberia Mobile MTN---Pure Retail Traffic USA Originated
DR Congo Mobile Vodacom---Pure Retail Traffic USA Originated
Ethiopia All---Pure Retail Traffic USA Originated
Mauritania Mobile All---Pure Retail Traffic USA Originated
Madagascar Mobile All-----Pure Retail Traffic USA Originated
Gambia All---10k Clean Traffic
Angola Mobile Unitell--15k Clean Traffic
Dominican Republic ----30k Clean Traffic
Slovenia Mobile IPKO---10k Clean Traffic
Monaco Mobile KFOR---20k Clean Traffic
Malawi Mobile Airtel---25k Clean Traffic
Haiti Mobile Digicell---20k Clean Traffic
South Sudan Mobile MTN---10k Clean Traffic
Burundi Mobile All---10k Clean Traffic
Benin Mobile MTN---15k Clean Traffic
Bosnia Mobile BH----10k Clean Traffic
Georgia Mobile All---15k Clean Traffic

Payment Option: (1/1;3/1/7/1)

Best Regards,

Tom Reed
Carrier Relations Manager
Telecom Business Systems America LLC


whatsApp:+ (1860) 849 7729

Business Phone:+ (1860) 849 7729

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