Looking for stable non cli route Moldova,Nepal,Malawi,Laos,Yemen,Algeria,Cuba

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    Looking for stable non cli route Moldova,Nepal,Malawi,Laos,Yemen,Algeria,Cuba

    Dear partner,We are looking for below direct non cli routes for good instant live traffic

    Senegal 221(mobile orange-4000mins)

    Zambia 260 (cellular mtn -9000mins)

    DR of congo 243 (all-20000mins)

    Eritrea 291(all-15000mins)

    Nigeria 234 (mobile mtn-69000mins)

    Benin 229 (mobile all-5000mins)

    Ethiopia 251(mobile all 10000mins)

    Burkina faso 226(mobile airtel-6000mins)

    Sri Lanka-94 (mobile all-15000mins)

    Tanzania 225 (mobile zantel-8000mins)

    Moldova 373 (all-10000mins)

    Sudan 249 (mobile mtn and zain -30000mins)

    South Sudan 211 (mobile all 3000mins)

    Guinea 224 (mobile all 4000mins)

    South Africa 27(mobile all-35000kmins)

    Uganda 256 (mobile mtn -6000mins)

    Malawi 265 (all-25000mins)

    Afghanistan 937(AWCC-10000mins/Etisalat-100000mins/Roshan-10000mins)

    Nepal 977 (spice-20000mins/ntc-15000)

    Cambodia 855 (all-25000mins)

    Myanmar 95 (all-15000mins)

    Saudi 966( all-8000mins)

    Laos 856 (all-30000mins)

    Philippines 63 (mobile smart-80000mins)

    Bangladesh 8801 (mobile all-50000mins)

    Iraq 964 (mobile zain-7000mins)

    United Arab Emirates 971 (mobile all-15000mins)

    Yemen 967 (all-7000mins)

    Algeria 213 (mobile watanya-20000mins)

    Belarus 375 (all-8000mins)

    Azerbaijan 994 (all-6000mins)

    Georgia 995 (all-10000mins)

    Cuba 53 (all-30000mins)

    Dominica 18 (all-50000mins)

    Myanmar-95(mobile mtn-10000mins/mobile Telenor-17000mins)

    France-33 (cellular orange-8000mins)

    Serbia-381 (10000mins)

    Latvia -371 (8000mins)

    Ecuador-593 (12000)

    Rwanda-250 (7000mins)

    Jamaica (5000mins)

    Please feel free to contact me through Skype or send me an email anytime.

    Also let me know if you have any other direct FAS-free, stable, Non CLI routes with competitive rates so that we can send our traffic through your network. Your business with us will be highly appreciated!

    Please Contact:

    Maize Communication Co.,Limited
    Skype ID: aaron-maizecomm
    Whatsapp ID:008618571698930
    Wechat ID:337200823
    E-mail ID: aaron@maizecomm.com

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