Simple way to Mount CD or DVD on linux

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  1. First check what are the devices available with the command blkid


    /dev/sr0: LABEL="RHEL_5.9 x86_64" TYPE="iso9660"

    from the list we can assume that there is disk labeled RHEL_5.9 x86_64 in optical drive .

    Now we can mount it in /mnt/cdrom or /media/cdrom directory . If there is no directory you can create it .

    # mkdir /media/cdrom

    #mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom

    to unmount use umount command

    #umount /media/cdrom

    To eject CD or DVD in linux you can use eject comamnd

    # eject

    eject -t will close the tray and eject -T will close or open the tray

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