!!! VOS3000 RENT !! VOS3000 RENT !! VOS3000 RENT!! VOS3000

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  1. Hello Voip Provider,

    We Provide ORIGINAL/LICENSE VOS3000 WITH ASR & LCR Based Routing,
    Unlimited Reseller Level and More Billing Reports!

    VOS3000 is a Linux based soft switch, designed for carrier-class operations. It’s tested and proven for its cost-effective
    operations platform for Global PSTN card operators. With various reports it provides.

    ::::::::::::::::AVAILABLE VERSION :::::::::::::::::::

    1. V2.1.1.5
    2. V2.1.2.0
    3. v2.1.2.4
    4. v2.1.2.6

    ::::::::::::::: RENT PACKAGE::::::::::::::::

    A) ::::FOR 400 CC CALLS CAPACITY:::
    Plan 1: $100

    B) ::::FOR 1000 CC CALLS CAPACITY:::
    Plan 2: $149.00

    C) ::::FOR 3000 CC CALLS CAPACITY:::
    Plan 3: $249.00

    D) ::::FOR 5000 CC CALLS CAPACITY:::
    Plan 4: $349.00

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    hacking solutin (when one ip add in your server you get sms in your mobile), vos3000 mobile browsing solution.

    Contact Details

    SKYPE : vos3000.zone
    YAHOO : voip_xpert@yahoo.com
    EMAIL : allvoip2011@gmail.com
    Cell: +88-01921537247

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