ZingMax look for Ehiopia, Indonesia,Sri lanka, Philippines non cli route

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  1. peter rao

    peter rao Master

    Hi partner, Zing Max is looking for direct ncli route to below with good daily live traffic. Daily payment, if you have these route, plz connect me!!!

    Sri Lanka mobile all 70k daily

    Ethiopia mobile 251all 80k daily (need good stats route)

    Nepal mobile spice/ntc 977 100k daily

    Bangladesh mobile 8801 300k daily

    Indonesia mobile 628tk 80k daily (need good stats route)

    Nigeria mobile Mtn234 70k daily

    India mobile 91 350k daily

    Philippine samrt 639 35k daily

    Cuba mobile 53 20k daily

    Pakistan 9230/9231/9232/9233/9234/92fix 270k daily (need good stats route)


    Skype: live:victoriaho_7

    Phone/Wechat/Whatsapp: 0086-159-7279-5399

    E-mail: shineho@zingmaxtech.com

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