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Kami Telco Technology FZC

Alert New way of Fraud in Market.

Hello Partner,

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This is and Fraud Alert about below person. Zubair Ahmed who is the owner of Kami Telecom FZC. He offered me Job in her company working as remotely and after joining Kami Tele after 15 Days he say that he is enable to pay my salary and for that he is firing me without any notice. and when I asked him for my 15 days salary started giving excuse like wait for some time one of our client will make payment and we will clear your salary. In between I check with other employee same thing he don't with him also and still not clear their salary also. Now he change the company name and posted for Account Manager in their company Maxi call. When I asked him to clear my salary he say you join company and start job with my company but he not giving my salary of 15 days The point is that if he is still in market and not paying their employee salary then how he make payment to their partner. If possible please help me to get my 15 days salary. its around 250$. Now you people are cleaver how to treat this fraud person. Thanks in advance for giving your valuable time to this post.

New Company Name Maxi Call Ltd


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