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Live Traffic Algeria, Mali, Malawi, Togo, Uganda MTN

Dear Partner,
Looking for a stable Non-CLI Route For Pure Retail & Clean Traffic, if you can provide the below route, Please feel free to contact me through Skype or send an email.

NCLI or TDM routes – Stable for EU and USA ANI on the following destinations:

> Algeria fix
> Algeria Mobile Orascom
> Algeria Mobile Watanyia
> Algeria Mobile Mobilis
> Madagscar Mobile Telma Non CLI route
> Malawi cell tnm & airtel
> Mali Cell-Malitel
> Mali orange
> Mali- Cell Ikatel
> Togo Mobile MOOV
> Togo cell-Togocell
> Tunisia cells
> Uganda mobile Airtel Non CLI route
> Uganda Mobile MTN – NCLI/TDM – Stable – Clean Wholesale Profile

Payment Option: Payment term Daily & Weekly Or Supplier Suitable Any Terms

Best Regards,
Mamun Ferdous
Carrier Relationship Manager
Nextcall Communication LLC
E-mail & Skype- mamun@nextcall-llc.com
Business Phone: + (1929)530 8308

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