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Newbie thread! how you make and receive payments?

Hey everybody long story short: my father had a pretty successful VOIP company back in the 2000s named "port telecom" until they broke up with his partner what ruined the business.

Right now I'm starting to explore this business with his help and he told me from his experience that he had many problems with receiving and sending payments and with scammers and frauds.

I just wanted to ask how do you solve those problems and what service is helping you with that? how you guys making payments and how you making sure that you'll receive the payment for the service you supply?

I would appreciate any idea! tanks
Replying to this question after a long time. Hello our business is not selling voip routes but providing application development and technical support for business telephony customers. Simple answer to your question is .... In VoIP business one has to blindly trust the other party .
Yes there are lot of scammers and frauds in VoIP business. Just look into company profile and reputation before establishing a business relation. Never pay upfront . Start with a very small payment If they insist on upfront payment and you think it is a good deal .

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