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NON CLI Needed- Ethiopia, DR of CONGO, Algeria, Moldova

NON CLI Needed- Ethiopia, DR of CONGO, Algeria, Moldova

Dear direct routes provider,

This is Cindy from Maize Communication. We are looking for below destinations for retail traffic. Please feel free to contact me:

Eritrea 291

Ethiopia 251

DR of CONGO 243

Algeria 213

Moldova 373

Ecuador 509

Yemen 967

Cuba 53

Ghana 233

Offer your best rate with stats and capacity.

Skype: Cindy@maizecomm.com

Telegram: CindyMaize0008

WhatsApp: +86 15997684350

Wechat: mrct1014

Email: Cindy@maizecomm.com

Payment terms: Postpay with daily payment.

Payment Option:Western Union /Money Gram/ Paypal / Bank Transfer/USDT

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/ Retail traffic / Wholesale traffic / Direct route / traffic provider / call terminaiton / gateway

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