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Seeking stable Morocco>Senegal>Philippines>Tunisia routes for live traffic

Urgently looking for the following ncli/cli/cc routes for stable live traffic:
Senegal 221 ncli
Guatemala 502 ncli
Morocco 212 ncli
Philippines 63 ncli
Tunisia 216 ncli
Ecuador 593 ncli
Pakistan 9234 ncli
South Africa 27 TDM/ncli
Moldova 373 ncli
DRC ncli
Egypt 201 ncli
Pakistan 9234 ncli
Payment option: western union,paypal,USDT,bank transfer,Alipay,India/Bd/Pak/Dubai local bank payment.
Payment terms: 7*24 hours payment available
skype: cindy@maizecomm.com
Telegram: CindyMaize0008
Wechat: maize0008
E-Mail: cindy@maizecomm.com
WhatsApp: +86 15997684350

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