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VOS3000 once time installation@$50 and rental@ $25 with(ddos protected server)(Beijing, Hongkong, Singapore, Germany, USA)

VOS3000 || once time installation (webpannel,Mobile web,Antihacking)

Rental Available ( || with Antihacking, Mobile web and APK) DDOS Protected server
500cc - $29
1000cc - $45
2000cc - $70
3000cc - $99 (Dedicated)
5000cc - $149 (Dedicated)

Server Location :- china(Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing ,Hongkong),Tokoyo ,Singapore ,USA ,Germany ,UK and More......
Remote Desktop Available for Hongkong, Singapore, USA, Germany Location

Payment Option PAYPAL/USDT/INR

Skype- live:jessica.flip
Telegram- @vossoftswitch
Whatsapp- +447441425230

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